Thursday, 3 May 2012

Purple Heart

I just finished chapers 3 and 4 of purple heart. when he is in a hospital and doesnt get alone with the people he shares a room with and that he gets moved around alot and 'mr weston' the resent man he in in with jst the 2 of thm is a very racist man towards matthew and calls him coconut and things like that. which things end up gng bad and he ends up shoutng at him and bob/mr weston gets some sort of a heart attack. bt i dnt blame matthew.. if i was in a room with a man like that all the man wont shout up 4 hours straight and talked about how bad his people were to wards his people in the war i would be pissed off to!
and in chapter 4 it tells us alot about how matthew sees in this future and what will happen to his family if he dies. because he got his test results bad and he needs heart valves replace either with a pig 1, human heart valved (which is rare) or a artifical 1 like plastic or metal. his parents wer not pleased to hear the results and became sad and really upset the mother started to cry. and matthew was saying how the strongest and bravest man he knew (his dad) was the most worried and upset. i felt really touched when i read this because its true. my dads the same. he is the strongest most bravest and lawial man i know bt when its to do with someone he loves or cares the world of he will be the first there and will always do what ever he can to make it right or happy.
But also to put myself in matthews position.. i couldnt even imagin wat it would be like.. to even know that you might die.. especially at the age of 14 i would be soo.. i dont know would be really hard to understand being that young and have to go through that. not evn geting the chance to explore life and she what it was in store for you. i know that i would hate to be in a hospital for most of my teenage days or for even a day.

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